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The 16 covers of SOMEWHERE!

Chartres singola per sito.png
Rosa dei venti per sito [singola].png

The labyrinth in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, France and a Wind Rose...

A Wind Rose, on the floor of the Sant’Ignazio di Loyola church, in Campo Marzio, Rome, gives you the perfect point of view to look at the magnificent Andrea Pozzo’s trompe-l’oeil. But from another standing point, on another wind rose on the same floor, the truth is revealed.
To escape from your labyrinth you have to find the right Wind Rose...

This record is produced in 16 different covers, as the wind rose directions are. Choose your favorite wind direction. I have mine, and she’s the queen of the winds.

Enrico Merlin Somewhere Booklet 2.jpg
Enrico Merlin Somewhere Booklet 5.jpg
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